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About Us

------We focus on development and production of high-quality micro-sized bearings 607, 608, 6900, 6000, 6200, 6201, 6202, etc.  
------we have 25 automatic bearing production lines and a design capacity of 6.5 million sets of high-end bearings per month. 
------Our bearing production to use the world's high-quality raw materials and domestic leading production equipment, to achieve a comprehensive process manufacturing; meanwhile, we have a special laboratory to carry out continuous precision testing on the service life and effect of bearings.
------ According to the ISO9001:2000 model for product quality control, product precision and service life have reached the world leading level.At the same time, the raw materials used are in line with the EU RoHS.
-------our company insists to meet the demand of motor users for high quality bearings as its responsibility.
​​​-------We export to EU, USA, Turkey, Japan, Middle East, India and Brazil

Ferrule processing    
Ferrule heat treatment
 Fine grinding inner hole
Fine grinding groove
Fully automatic production
Fully automatic Greasing and seal cap