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If You Want to Build the World's Best Machines, You don't Start with the Second-Best Parts.
Whatever your plans, our Generation deep groove ball bearings always give you that all-important advantage.
The improved design guarantees optimum results in a broad range of applications.
Longer life, less noise, lower friction,  High speed and lower  vibrations – whatever you need, our deep groove ball bearings deliver peak performance.

Less Noise
Noise is significantly reduced:
Improved ball quality
Optimized surfaces
Synthetic lubricating grease
Optimized raceway parameters (roundness, waviness, and surface roughness)
Tighter manufacturing tolerances
Low Friction

Improved osculation and even lower friction:
Optimization of roundness, waviness, surface roughness
Synthetic lubricating grease​​​​​​​
An even smoother raceway
More precise manufacturing tolerances

More Durable
Our bearings provide a labyrinth seal, which means the less leakage of grease, more durable life.
High sealing efficiency without friction losses, thanks to the innovative labyrinth seal that is perfectly matched to the seal groove

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Deep groove single row radial ball bearings are the most widely used bearings in all general industries. They utilize an uninterrupted raceway that makes them optimal for radial loads.
Pre-lubricated bearings have integral seals, or shields, and are packed with long-life grease.Shielded ball bearings are protected on one or both sides by metal shields that are fastened to the outer ring. This close clearance shield retains the lubricant and helps prevent the entrance of large, foreign matter. Sealed ball bearings incorporate steel-reinforced rubber seals that are securely fastened to a groove on the outer ring. Contact with the inner ring provides positive sealing at all times. 

Easy Interchange
Designed as metric bearings, our deep groove ball bearings follow ISO standards and are dimensionally interchangeable with competitor metric products. 

Premium Lubricants
For reduced torque and a quieter operation,  Kyodo Yushi premium lubricant comes standard on all sealed and shielded deep groove ball bearings. This grease has a temperature range from -40° C to 150° C.
Cage Availability
Our cage use steel or nylon.
Nylon material has advantage of high elasticity and light weight, Nylon cage has excellent sliding and self-lubricating properties; Especially suitable for vibration or high acceleration and high deceleration speed.
Steel material has High strength, it is mostly used for deep groove ball bearing; Generally not affected by the mineral oil based or alkali oil based lubricants of rolling bearings. 
Quiet Running
Super finishing on groove raceways to reduce friction.
Preferred clearance designation (C3).
Premium grease for high performance, low friction
and less noise.