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Types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

"One of the latest developments in single-row deep groove ball bearings is the sensor-bearing unit, which can measure the status of the ball bearing components. These units are simple and easy to use and can help with speed sensing, angular position measuring, and steering, making them useful in electric motors, tractors, conveyors, and road rollers."

– Single-Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

"Sealed deep groove ball bearings are similar to single-row bearings, except that they have steel or rubber shields installed on one or both sides of the bearing. These seals are pre-lubricated with grease to extend the lifespan of the bearing.Many manufacturers used sealed ball bearings in contaminated environments that may otherwise influence the performance of the bearing."

– Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearings

"Flanged deep groove ball bearings are excellent for bearing axial loads, such as in tube ends or on belt guide rollers. Some variants even have swivel housing to allow for slight misalignments and better axial loads. The flange improves the bearing’s running efficiency and is also easier to machine due to the simplicity of the housing bore."

– Flanged Deep Groove Ball Bearings