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We produce standard size, we also can produce customazation, we export more then 10 years!!!
Ultrasonic cleaning
Spraying cleaning
Automatic bearing assembly
Automatic choose ferrule
Automatic choose and install ball
Cage assembly
Automatically add cage
Automatic detection of riveting height
Automatic check ball
Automatic clearance check
100% clearance check
Automatically remove defective products
Semi-finished cleaning
Direct injection cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Inclined spray cleaning
Clean transport
Closed conveying
Flexibility check
Flexibility 100% check online
Injecting Greasing and seal cap
Metering pump monitors the fat injection rate
Automatically check the height of the sealing cover
senser + image double anti-error check of grease quantity

Automatic vibration noise detection
100% noise check
Automatic sorting of noise
Rust proof packaging
Automatic rust
Automatic packing